Dylan 10 Months

Dear Dylan,

On August 2, you turned 10 months old.  That also happened to be your parents’ 10 year anniversary!  How special for us to have a special 10 month old on our 10 year anniversary!


You are truly one very laid back, go with the flow baby.  Last night we went out to celebrate our anniversary with you girls.  We were out way past your bedtime and you had only had one nap, but you were great the whole time! No crying or fussing.  You are pretty content to sit in your highchair and play with your toys or pieces of food we give you.  You’re really awesome like that.

photo (74)

Speaking of food…you STILL have zero interest in real food.  I put you in your highchair and give you food every time we eat.  You pick it up, look at it, and throw it on the ground.  I even tried giving your purees again, but you lock your lips up tight when I come near you with a spoon!  One thing you will open your mouth for…ice cream!  I put my ice cream cone up to your mouth thinking your wouldn’t have anything to do with it. Nope, you opened your mouth WIDE and went for it!  I’ve also gotten you to drink water out of a glass a bit.

photo (75)

You got to ride in the bike trailer for the first time the month.  I’m not sure you enjoyed it, but you tolerated it very well. I think you like that your sister was in there with you.  The helmet you had to wear was about as big as you, so I’m sure that didn’t help!

photo (72)

You are really staring to enjoy looking at books.  You love books with things you can feel.  Kenley likes to “read” to you, and I think this is your favorite. You also like to “draw” on Kenley’s Magna Doodle.  You pick up the little pen like you see your sister do and you scribble back and forth.  SO CUTE!

photo (76)

OH, you can now stand and cruise around the living room on the couches!

photo (77)

I love you Dyl Pickle.  TRY to slow down…just a little…

Love you,



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