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I’m Back!

It’s been over a year! I’m horrible! Well, I’m not going to try to go back and add posts, but I’m going to try to do better from now on! Look for more posts coming soon!



Dylan 11 Months

Dear Dylan,

On September 2, you turned 11 months old! You’re getting so big, and I feel like your moments of being a baby are quickly coming to an end.  You are almost a little toddler!


This month, you went on your first camping trip!  We cheated a little and stayed in a “rustic cabin” instead of a tent.  We’re not sure how to fit all four of us in the tent yet!  You did really well!  You love being outside, so camping works for you!  We went hiking and swimming in the river one day.  You love the water.  It was pretty cold, but you didn’t seem to mind at all.


This past month you’ve become SUPER mobile.  You crawl super fast and into every tiny space.  You have gotten stuck under chairs and under your exersaucer!  You are cruising along furniture and trying to stand on your own.  You are definitely a climber!  You already try to climb onto the couch, and you are always climbing on your sister’s little chair and standing in it, which makes Mommy very nervous!

IMG_3582          IMG_3576

You’ve had a rough month of sleep.  You are typically a pretty good sleeper at night, but there have been some issues this last month.  I think you are cutting several teeth, so I forgive you!  You are so sweet in the middle of the night.  You are my little snuggle bug!  I usually nurse you, and then you lay your head on my shoulder and suck your thumb.  You will always go right back to sleep after I nurse you, but I often sit and hold you.  I know these of snuggling and babyhood are fleeting, and I am trying to cherish every moment.  If there’s one thing I’ve learned from having two kids, it’s that it goes by WAY TOO FAST!  So, even though my sleep is suffering, I’m going to enjoy these moments that you really need me while I still can.


You STILL have zero interest in food!  You have taken a step in the right direction!  You will put food in your mouth, but you don’t’ follow through and eat it!  You lock your lips together if you we come near you with a spoon or a piece of food!  On the few occasions I was actually able to get food into your mouth, you ate it, so at least I know you are capable!  We’re still holing out for you to eat on your own time!


Kenley has been on a break from preschool for a couple of weeks, so we were able to go to Story Time at the library for the first time!  You loved it!  You crawled all over that room checking out all the other kids!  You did actually crawl over and listen to the books when the librarian was reading.  We also played at the play area at the mall the other day and you had a blast crawling through the tunnels and climbing all over things!

IMG_3653   DSC_0096

I can’t believe the next time I write, it will be for my 1 year old!  I love you more than you’ll ever know, baby girl!


Dylan’s First Beach Visit/Camping Trip

In early August, Phil had a “stay-cation” from work and we took a day trip to the beach. It was Dylan’s first trip to the beach. While it was like 90 in Portland, it was only about 63 at the beach! And the weather forecast we read said it would be warmer at the beach, so we ended up a little under dressed, so the girls only lasted about an hour and a half! It’s OK, we loaded them into the car and drove around while they slept!



The next day we packed up to go on Dylan’s first camping trip! She did really well!  We had a little cabin, so it was a bit easier than tent camping…we’ll tackle that with her next summer!

Kenley told us she wanted to be a wood stacker when she grows up!

Kenley told us she wanted to be a wood stacker when she grows up!


Dylan's baby camp chair!

Dylan’s baby camp chair!







Hanging out in the bunk beds!

Hanging out in the bunk beds!





Happy Halloween!

Kenley was an owl for Halloween! She was so cute! I decided she’d be an owl (I figured this may be the last time I am able to pick her costume without big opinions from her!) and made it (costume tutorial here and mask tutorial here). She loved it! She’s been practicing Trick or Treating for days.  If you ask her how to Trick or Treat, she says, “You knock on the door, say Trick or Treat, and then say Thank You.” It’s pretty cute! She thought Halloween was pretty cool. She told me, “Mommy, I love Halloween!” And here is my little owl!


And a few that shows the difficulty she give me when I want to take her picture…

Not exactly sure what she’s doing here, but it’s funny!


My Little Baking Helper!

This morning Kenley and I made buttermilk biscuits!


She had a blast making them and they were delicious!

21 Months Old!

Dear Sweet Kenley,

Last week, you turned 21 months old!  Sorry I’m late.

You are growing up right before my eyes everyday.  This past month you’ve really started to love singing.  You’ve always loved it when we sing to you, and  you like to do motions (like the Wheels on the Bus), but you’ve started to actually sing the songs!  It’s adorable.  You can sing some of the Wheels on the Bus, your Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, and the Hello song.  I love hearing your sweet little voice sing!

I think you may turn out to be a tomboy like me.  You got Legos for Christmas and you LOVE them.  It’s by far the toy you play with the most.  Your Papa couldn’t be happier.  I am not sure if you or him enjoy them more!  Pretty soon after Christmas, your Papa was really concerned that he you didn’t have a Lego table to build on, so we had to get him you one.  He loves playing Legos with you and you couldn’t be happier!

You are also really into dinosaurs right now.  We went to the beach and the house we rented had a basket full of plastic dinosaurs and you just fell in love!  You walk them around making them roar!

You do love your kitchen though (not that it is a GIRL toy…men should cook too little girl!).  You put your fake veggies and fruit in your pots, stir them up, and them make me taste them!  You also get me water out of your fake faucet and make me tea!

Unfortunately, you had your first real sickness last month.  You caught some sort of stomach bug and spent a day and night throwing up. L  It was so sad.  You just kept looking at me like you needed me to make you better and it broke my heart.  Luckily it was a 24-48 thing, and you were back to normal a few days later.

Poor sick baby :(

You’re my joy little one!

Love you,


The Beach

We recently spent 4 days at the beach with Dan (Phil’s Dad), Aunt Rachel, and regular Rachel (we only call her regular Rachel b/c there’s no “Aunt” in front of her name!).  I didn’t take one picture.  I didn’t even think of it until the last night when Kenley was already in bed and we were all just sitting around watching movies.  Not the most exciting thing to photograph, and that’s what we did a majority of the time.  We watched movies and played Apples to Apples…that’s pretty much what we did.  Oh, and eat and play with K.  The weather was awful (raining, cold, and very windy), so we didn’t even make it to the beach until we were on our way out of town. Oh well, the house we rented was AWESOME! The had a great view of the ocean and was just really nice.  It was a great way to start the New Year!  And here’s a pic of K just for fun.  Please disregard the half painted wall in the background!