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Kenley 4 1/4 Years

Dear Kenley,

On July 17, you were 4 ¼ year old.  You’re growing up so fast!


You are still my little firecracker these days.  You still keep me on my toes all the time.  You’ve developed a little sassy attitude lately.  I say you are 4 going on 14 most of the time.  You’ve picked up the phrases “whatever” and “what the heck.”  You know how to roll your eyes at the appropriate times and you have what I like to call the “stink face” when you are unhappy about something.  You don’t lack personality, that’s for sure!


You still love school.  You continued to go to school during the summer and you have had a great time.  There weren’t enough kids from the Tues/Thurs class to keep it going during summer, so you started going Mon/Wed and met a whole new group of friends.  Stuff like this doesn’t seem to phase you. You make friends very easily.  You will go up to older kids and introduce yourself like it’s no big deal.  I couldn’t do that at 4! (as a matter of fact, I don’t know if I am really comfortable doing it at 32!)  You so amaze me in that way!


We’ve been spending a lot of time outside and at the park this summer.  You love playing at the park with your friend, Ellie.  You two always say you’re going to play in the water, but you rarely ever get wet!  You two love playing make believe and both of you have imaginary friends.


Your baby sister adores you.  You can make her laugh like no one else can.  You are a great big sister.  You love that Dylan is getting old enough to really play with.  You do pretty well with sharing your toys with her as well.  You only get a little protective of your art supplies because you say she’s too young to play with them. Oh, little Mommy!


You took your first ballet class recently.  You LOVED it!  There was even a little recital at the end and you could NOT WAIT to get on stage!  No stage fright for you!  I was pretty impressed at how graceful you are, considering you are my child!

photo (71)

Here are some of your current favorites:

Book: still Busytown

TV Show: Jake and the Neverland Pirates

Toy: horses

I love you my baby girl!



Kenley 4 Years Old

Dear Kenley,

On April 17, you turned 4 YEARS OLD!!!! I spent some time looking back at the posts I’ve written about you over the past 4 years, and I just can’t believe you are really 4. It has all gone by soooo fast.


You really do keep us on our toes these days. You are a bundle of energy, and you can go full speed ALL DAY! You love playing outside, riding your bike, playing in the garden, and playing on your swing set (as long as we get rid of the spider webs first). You can now coast and pick up your feet on your Skuut bike. You will probably be ready for a pedal bike (with NO training wheels) before you know it.

913780_10201100528334257_1287475123_o   476368_10201100536854470_971355481_o     IMG_2644

You still love going to school and seem to be thriving there. You’ve made some good little friends this year. Looks like most of them will be in your next year too, so that’s going to be fun! You occasionally have a listening issue at school (and home too J), but Teacher Megan is pretty good at getting you back on task.


You can be a handful sometimes. As mentioned above, sometimes you have an aversion to listening. It’s been a frustration of ours since you turned 3! You can talk my ear off! You can go for a half hour straight without missing a beat! Especially in the car, where are the ultimate back seat driver! “Mommy, why are you driving so fast, why are you driving so slow, why are you stopping, why are you going!” I never knew a 4 year old could be such a master driver!


All of your cute little quirks aside, you are so loving and caring and kind hearted. You have so much empathy for other people. You tell me you love me about 50 times a day. You love hugs and kisses. You are a great big sister. Dylan adores you. Your Papa and I adore you too.


Here are some of your favorites right now:

Book: Busytown

TV Show: Max & Ruby

Toy: horses

Movie: Star Wars (but you have to watch it with Papa

Food: Popcorn or cereal with no milk, no spoon

Drink: apple juice


Here are your 4 year old stats:

Weight: 36 pounds – 23rd Percentile

Height: 42.1 inches – 91st Percentile


I think you will just be tall and skinny…poor you!

We couldn’t love you any more baby girl. Try to slow down the growing up just a little !

Love you to pieces,