Dylan 12 Months Old!!!

Dear Dylan,

On October 2, you turned 1 year old! This year went by so fast…I wish everything would slow down, just a little bit.


You are still the sweetest baby ever!  You hardly ever cry or fuss. You go with the flow.  We drag you around to all your sister’s activities and to pick her up from school and to the park.  You just go with it, even if you get woken up from your nap to do it.


You still don’t eat food!  But we think we may have figured out why.  You have a severe lip tie and tongue-tie.  We’ll be having this corrected a couple of days after your birthday.  I’m not looking forward to this…as mentioned above, you don’t really cry, but when you do, it breaks my heart.


You love playing with your sister these days.  You guys do this little modified version of wrestling!  You basically roll all over her!  It’s adorable and you laugh and laugh.  You pretty much think your sister hung the moon!


You love going to the park.  It’s been pretty warm for October in Oregon, so we’ve been spending a lot of time at the park.  You love to crawl through all the leaves and try to eat them…you won’t eat food, but you’ll try to eat leaves and sticks!  You also love to swing.  You will swing forever.


On your birthday, we took you out to dinner (yes, out to dinner, even though you don’t eat food).  I was sure to pick a place that had a kid’s play area.  You had a blast there with your sister.   Then we went out to ice cream!  By that time, you were close to having had enough birthday celebration and you started to fuss a little.  So, we let you go home and go to sleep!  A few days after your birthday, you had a party at Grandpa’s house!  You got your own cake, which you played with!  You got lots of cool toys and had a blast playing!


One Year Stats:

Weight: 21 pounds 13 ounces – 74th percentile

Height:  30 inches – 71st percentile

Healthy and growing, despite your aversion to food!

Random things I want to remember about you at age 12 months:

  • you are a funny kid…you roar, you sing, you growl
  • your hair is adorably curly after your bath. It’s curly all the time, but after your bath it’s crazy!
  • you love Eli (our cat). You will lay on him and pet him. He’s a good sport and lets you do it.
  • You go to the kitchen gate and start saying “dog” over and over.
  • You love crawling under the kitchen table and through your high chair. You don’t have to crawl through the high chair, but you always do, and you often get stuck…and very upset about it.
  • You make anything we give you into a drumstick…your Father’s daughter.


You are just the sweetest little girl!  We love you to pieces baby girl!

Love you,



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