Dylan 9 Months Old

Dear Dylan,

On July 2, you turned 9 months old…sigh!


We’ve been getting into the swing of summer lately. It’s been hot, and we’ve been spending a lot of time outside.  You are such a content, go with the flow kid!  We can go to the park for hours, and you’re happy just to sit on the blanket with me and play with your toys (with several trips to the swings in there too!).  You also think the water features at the park are pretty cool.  You like it when I hold you in the water or sit you down in front of the sprayers.  You think it’s pretty funny!  You also really enjoy just watching the other kids play.  I’m pretty sure you’re taking it all in and making mental notes!

IMG_3193          IMG_3191

You still are not very fond of  “real food.”  You were gagging and making scenes every time I tried to feed you.  So now we are giving you small pieces of (non pureed) food and just letting you eat when you’re ready.  You are growing quite well, so we aren’t too concerned just yet.


Speaking of growing, you had your 9 month appointment.  Here are your stats:

Weight: 19 pounds – 70th percentile

Height: 27.5 inches – 35th percentile….your doctor didn’t think this was right. She thinks you must have been wiggling when they measured you, so we’ll see how you’ve grown at your one year appointment.


You looked great at your appointment.  You are doing great!  You didn’t’ have to get any shots this time, so that was a plus too!


I finally let go and moved you into your crib in the room that you and Kenley now share.  It was hard for me to take you out of our room! Tear!  You are doing great though.  I think Kenley really enjoys having you in there.  I’m pretty surprised at how easy the transition was for both of you.  It’s pretty sweet that my girls are sharing a room.


You still get up one time during the night/very early morning to nurse.  After your done, when I lay you back in your crib, you always look at me and give me the biggest, sweetest smile.  It makes waking up in the middle of the night to feed you so worth it, and I just melt every night when you do it.  Stinker, you’ve got me wrapped around your little finger!


I really can’t believe how fast you’re growing.  I love watching you learn new things, but I want it all to slow down!  I love you sweet baby!




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