Dylan 8 Months Old

Dear Dylan,

Today you turned 8 months old. 8 freaking months old…it’s going by so fast. I really just want to press pause for a while.


Things are happening so quickly these days. You are doing something new all the time. You aren’t crawling, but you can certainly get around. You are very interested in things lately. Toys, straws, shoes, pretty much anything you can get your hands on. And in true baby fashion, it all goes straight to your mouth! And speaking of your mouth, you now have 3 teeth! You had not been sleeping well. You’d been waking up a lot. And then all of the sudden, 3 little teeth pop up! I’m pretty sure you’re currently working on a 4th as well.


You are still sleeping in your co-sleeper in our room. I am working on transitioning you to your crib. You nap in your crib now. I’m sure you’d be fine in your crib at night, but I’m kind of using the fact that you still wake up sometimes to keep you in our room. I’d probably keep you in there forever if you weren’t about to outgrow your co-sleeper! I just love having you close so I can watch you sleep!


You have definitely learned to use your voice this last month. You love being loud! You say mamamama a lot (mostly when you are upset)! You and your sister both can get pretty loud…it sounds crazy around here sometimes!


You are still attempting to eat some solid (pureed) foods. You really aren’t too interested though. You will take a couple of bites, and that’s enough for you. You’re perfectly happy just nursing. Today I was nursing you and you just stopped, looked up at me and cracked up laughing! HEART MELTED! You’re a pretty sweet kid like that. You have the sweetest and calmest temperament. People often ask me if you ever cry…and you don’t cry very often. You’re super adaptable. If you have to miss a nap, it’s usually no big deal, which is good because I’m always having to wake you up to pick up Kenley or take Kenley somewhere.


Sweet baby girl, I could not love you anymore. You are a joy!



PS: You’ve started sucking your thumb sometimes, and it’s soooo cute!



One thought on “Dylan 8 Months Old

  1. Ruth Shoemaker says:

    Can’t believe you r already 8 months old,you r sooo beautiful and I wish I could hold you ! See you soon in Seattle .LOVE YOU ALL!!!

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