Dylan 7 Months

Dear Dylan,

On May 2, you turned 7 months old. 7 months seems so old to me, like not a tiny baby anymore. Ugh!


You are still the most delightful baby. You are awesome!  You NEVER cry (other than for like a few seconds when you need something).  We can take you anywhere and you are just as happy as can be.  We can breeze right through a nap and you still don’t get too cranky on us!


You took your first plane ride this past month!  You were GREAT on the plane!  I was a little nervous to fly with you and your sister by myself, but you were both so good!  You slept a lot on the plane and were pretty content just looking around at the people.


So, our plane ride took us to Atlanta to Nana’s house! You got to meet all your family!  You met Nanny and Poppy, Uncle Jake (and Melanie, even though she’s not “officially” family, Aunt Monica and Will, Aunt Micki, Uncle Waylon, and Luke and Trace, and Aunt Angie and Jessica!  You were a little concerned at first…you get a little weary in big groups, and honey, your family is a big group, and we’re crazy!  It didn’t take long though.  You were pretty please being passed around from person to person and hanging out.  You, of course, adored all your family, but your Poppy especially!  I don’t know what it is about him and you kids!

IMG_2582               IMG_2585

You had your 6 month check up when we got home.  Healthy little (big) girl! Tall and thin, just like your sister!

We started on solid foods this month as well.  We started with avocado…not too sure you were thrilled with this.  Then we tried acorn squash…much better!  I mean, you eat like 3 bites, but you seemed to like squash a lot better.


You are just the sweetest little baby!  We’re all pretty sure you’re going to be our quiet introvert.  Love, love, love you Dylan Pickle!




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