Dylan 6 Months

Dear Dylan,

On April 2, you turned 6 months old! Tear!


You are such a good baby. I really have no complaints about you.  You are the perfect second child.  You are very adaptable at being woken up from naps or having our naps delayed so your big sister can go to dance or be picked up from school.  You’re pretty awesome like that.  You should keep this info in your back pocket for when your big sister is being mean to you later in life!


You have been super vocal these days.  You make your dinosaur noises still.  You love to hear yourself.  You say mamamamama when you are upset, of course.  It sounds like you say “hi” sometimes.


You are SUPER ticklish on your ribs.  You have the funniest little grunty laugh when I tickle you.   You love to have your toes kissed.  You like it when I sing Patty Cake and the Shark Song.  You love to look at yourself in the mirror and grab your toes and roll back and forth.  You think your hands are amazing.   You think basketball is awesome to watch.   Your big sister is the coolest thing ever!


You are starting to take more interest in your toys.  You are playing in the exersaucer now.  At first you didn’t like it.  I think it was a little overwhelming.  We’ve come to the conclusion that you are our little introvert baby.  You are not very fond of large or loud crowds.  You much prefer a few people and a quiet space.  You get that from your parents.


I can’t believe it’s been a half year already.  You are pure joy baby girl!  And I love you more than I can say!





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