Dylan 5 Months

Dear Dylan,

On March 2, you turned 5 months old…pause please! I just don’t know where the last 5 months have gone!


This past month, you have REALLY found your voice!  And you can be LOUD! It’s pretty hilarious. You also like making raspberry noises and grunting. It’s all really adorable. You grunt a lot when you are lying down to go to sleep.


A few days after you turned 4 months old, I was reading an article about the 4th month sleep regression…and like clockwork…ugh! I was a little nervous this would be a new thing, but you are pretty much back to being a great night sleeper. You are a pretty good day sleeper as well. The best thing is that I can just lay you down and leave. You still sleep in a co sleeper beside the bed. The other night I was reading in bed as you were going to sleep. I looked up from my book and you just staring at me with those big blue eyes. I just melted. You just stayed locked on me for a few minutes, and I loved it!


You are more and more interested in your toys these days. You like to look at yourself in the mirror, you like your giraffes, and you like your wooden teether. You are pretty content hanging out on the floor on a blanket with your toys. Really, you’re a pretty laid back kid.


Your sister still makes you laugh and smile more than anyone. She barely has to say anything to you and you just light up. It gets me every time to see you two interact. I hope it continues.




I love you more and more everyday sweet baby!




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