3 3/4 Years Old

Dear Kenely,

On January 17, you were 3 ¾ years old. I can’t believe that the next time I write one of these posts, you will be 4 years old. I really am so amazed at how fast these last (almost) 4 years have gone by.




You are one amazing big sister. You are super helpful (sometimes too helpful :)). No one make’s Dylan giggle like you do. She just looks at you like you are the best thing ever. You can soothe her, and sometimes you are able to put her back to sleep if she wakes up. It’s really cute to watch you be a little Mommy.




You are a busy kid these days. You go to school Tuesday and Thursday. You go to gymnastics on Thursday. You have swimming lessons on Saturday. You love all of these things. You’ve struggled with listening this past month, so we often have to remind you about listening to your teachers. Watching you at gymnastics is extra special for Mommy. It reminds me of all those years in a gym. I still feel at home in a gym! You are fearless at swimming. You will jump right in when your teacher isn’t looking (which you aren’t supposed to do!). But you are also willing to try anything. You are always raising your hand wanting to go first. I’m proud of how fast you’re learning how to swim!

goof (1)



You continue to love school. You love to play with your horses and ponies. You love dressing up in princess dresses and tutus. You love playing basketball with your Papa. You love wearing your Portland Trail Blazer’s jersey when you play basketball and while you watch basketball on TV with Papa. Pancakes are your favorite food. Max and Ruby is your favorite TV show. We are Never Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift is your favorite song. You love wearing shoes that have sparkles on them (and those darn pink cowboy boots your Nana bought you!). You love giving Eskimos kisses, but for some reason you call them nuggles, it’s so cute. You are super goofy and funny (as you can see in all the pics!)




I loves sooooooo much!



One thought on “3 3/4 Years Old

  1. Karen says:

    I felt like I was reading about Madison. They are so alike it’s crazy!

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