Dylan 3 Months

Dear Dylan,

Today you turned 3 months old!  You are such a great baby and, as cheesy as it sounds, it is a joy to be your Mommy!


This past month has been an exciting one. You had your first Christmas! I’m not sure all the holiday stuff was any different to you than any other day though! We spent a lot of time with Grandpa and Aunt Rachel. You also celebrated Mommy’s birthday! We went to an Indian restaurant. We all smelled like Indian food! I had to wash everything that was there with us, but it was so  worth it! You are already a good restaurant baby! It does help when we have Grandpa and Rachel there…they fight over who gets to hold you if you get upset!


This past month you got your first cold. You are still fighting it off right now. You spiked a fever last weekend and totally had me freaking out! I’m not sure your sister has ever had a fever. I’m sure the facts that you were born during cold and flu season and that you have a sister in preschool bringing home all those fun 3-5 year old germs does not help. You were right on the borderline of what an acceptable fever is, so the nurses told us just to watch you, so no doctor or ER! Yeah! You do still have a sad cough. I really do not like not being able to do anything for you.


Speaking of your sister…you love that girl (and she adores you)! No one makes you laugh quite like she does. All she has to do is walk up to you and a huge smile takes over your face. We got you on video laughing at her, and it is hilarious! So, this past month you’ve been smiling A LOT, laughing, and making more and more noises. One of your noises sounds like a growl! If I make the noise, you will mimic me…it’s precious. You also rolled over from your tummy to your back a few days ago!

SurpriseFaceIt seems like a lot of the pictures I take of you have the same surprise look on your face! It’s pretty funny. I don’t know why you make that face. You aren’t usually upset (or actually surprised). Makes for some pretty memorable photos though.


You are still a great sleeper. You are really a laid back kid. I love you to pieces, and I am having so much fun watching you grow (but not too fast, please!)

photo (13)Love you always,



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