Dylan 2 Months

Dear Dylan,

Today you are 2 months old!  You are such a good baby…you fit into our little family perfectly!


You have really started to liven up this past week.  You are now smiling regularly and cooing and making noises.  I just love it! I could sit and talk to you all day long if you talked back to me in your sweet baby coos.  You are staying awake for longer stretches too.  You like to sit in your bouncy chair facing all the action.  You like watching Kenley play, and you love when Papa plays guitar for you.

First smiles caught on camera

First smiles caught on camera

You still prefer napping in your bouncy chair.  I had been carrying you to the other room where it’s quieter, but I feel like you nap better in the middle of all the chaos that is your sister running around and the dog barking.  Speaking of sleep, you are doing very well at night…that’s all I’ll say because I don’t want to jinx it!


You nurse really well.  You are the gassiest baby I’ve ever met, but it doesn’t seem like your tummy is upset.  I guess it’s better that it is coming out and not staying in!  And by the way, they smell really bad!  Sorry, to put that out there, but this is to document your babyhood, so there you go!


You can see your little mohawk in this pic

You have developed a mohawk over the last month.  It’s  not surprising…Kenley had crazy hair as a baby too!  The mohawk won’t lay down.  We wash your hair and it just sticks right back up!  It’s OK, I think it’s adorable.


Three generations

Your Papa went back to work and that was sad.  But your Nana came to visit the week of Thanksgiving!  You had a nice first Thanksgiving with the Brunner family and your Nana.  We did a lot of running around when Nana was here and you do really well with that.  You prefer to be in a front carrier.  You will usually just fall asleep.

Your first Thanksgiving

Your first Thanksgiving

Today we got our Christmas tree.  We had you all bundled up (it was really windy…we were up on a hill on Skyline) and you slept right through most of it. I know Christmas will not be too exciting for you this year, but I’m excited you are here to spend Christmas with us!

Tuckered out after getting the Christmas tree

Tuckered out after getting the Christmas tree

I love you tons baby girl!



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