Dylan 1 Month

Dear Dylan,

On November 2, you were 1 month old! That was a fast month! It’s hard to even remember you not being around.

So, far, you’ve been a pretty delightful baby. You have good nights and bad nights of sleep, but the bad nights aren’t even that bad.  You sleep a lot during the day.  You love to sleep on someone’s chest or in your bouncy chair while it’s vibrating.  You are not very fond of your swing (which your sister loved).  You can sleep through all the chaos around here of your sister jumping over things and singing at the top of her lungs and the dog barking!

In the bouncy chair

You are a good eater. You’ve slowed down a little bit the past couple of days, but for the first few weeks, you could eat!  We’ve tried to feed you from a bottle just a few times.  You are not thrilled about it, but it will do if I’m not around.  You will NOT take a pacifier. I’ve tried several different kinds to no avail.  You’ll take it for about 10 minutes, maybe.

You are very happy being carried in a front carrier. We can do pretty much anything with you like that. You’ve been on a lot of adventures in your first month.  You’ve been to:

  • Costco
  • the Pumpkin Patch
  • the mall
  • out to breakfast/dinner several times
  • Trick or Treating
  • swim lessons with Kenley
  • downtown to eat at the food carts and go to H&M!

I am trying to get you used to being on the go.  Kenley is not too happy being cooped up in the house all the time!

You are still looking identical to Kenley when she was a baby.  You’ve got very dark hair and it seems like your eyes are turning lighter blue.  Your eyelashes are starting to get really long too!

I love, love, love you Dylan!




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