Dylan 2 Week Update

Dylan had her 2 week check up on October 18.  Here are her stats:

Weight – 9 pounds 7 ounces, about 90th percentile (she was down to 8 pounds 6 ounces at one week, so she gained more than a pound in a week! Crazy!)

Height – 20 1/4 inches, about 60th percentile

Dylan is a pretty easy going baby. She really only cries if she’s hungry…but she’s not playing around when she’s hungry.  When she wants to eat, she wants to eat 5 seconds ago!  She loves her bouncy chair, but not for the bounciness, she likes the vibrating function.  We ran out of batteries for a day and she was not happy with us.  That’s her favorite place to nap!  She’s doing pretty well at night.  She gets up every 3 hours or so, but she’s pretty easy to get back to sleep.  She refuses a pacifier.  She loves riding in carriers.  She loves being really warm in very soft blankets.  She sleeps with her head in the most contorted, uncomfortable looking positions.  I try to move her head, but she always moves it back.

Dylan, you are precious, I love you, and I am loving having two girls!


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