3 1/2 Years Old

Dear Kenley,

On October 17, you were 3 ½ years old.  That just sounds sooo old to me.  You’re like practically grown!

A lot has changed for you since my last post.  You are now a big sister!  And you are a FABULOUS big sister!  I couldn’t have asked for you to handle welcoming your baby sister any better.  You love to help.  You always get the diaper and wipes for us, and you even take the stinky diapers to the trash for us.  You tell me at least 3 times a day that you love having a baby sister.  Dylan sure is lucky to have such an awesome big sister to look up to.

You have entered that phase where you have no volume control when you talk!  So, you sometimes talk really loud…and talk you can!  Lately you talk my ear off…all the time!  Sometimes I start to lose my patience with the constant “why’s” and questions, but then I just think about how much I will want you to talk to me when you’re a teenager, and you won’t want to.  So, I try to it indulge your curiosity and enjoy you being you!

You still love school.  You went on your first field trip earlier this month.  Your class went to the Pumpkin Patch.  You got to ride on a real school bus and everything! I think the school bus may have been the most exciting part for you!  You are also taking swimming lessons right now.  You did lessons when you were like 6 months old, but nothing since.  I was a little worried that you would be apprehensive because we aren’t allowed to be in the pool with you.  But, you’ve really done well!  You were going under water during the first lesson!  I am sooo proud!  I grew up in the water, so it makes me happy to see you being a little fish!

I can’t believe how much you’ve grown…not just physically, but how you’ve really embraced being a big sis and all it’s responsibilities.  I love you more every day.




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