3 1/4 Years Old!

Dear Kenley,

On July 17, you were 3 1/4 years old! These months just seem to go faster and faster the older you get.

You are definitely 3 years old. I don’t know why they call them the “terrible 2’s,” because 3 is so much worse. I guess that’s why they make kids so cute…so you don’t kill them when they’re 3!  I understand you’re trying to push your boundaries and what not, but geez kid, you are STUBBORN!  But I do hope that quality stays with you as you grow and you are always able to stand up for what you believe in.

You absolutely love summer.  You would live outside 24 hours a day if we’d let you. You adore camping because you basically get to live outside!   And you get soooo dirty, but it doesn’t seem to bother you one bit. You, for some reason, think it’s reasonable to pee in the backyard…I don’t know where this came from, but one day I turned around, and they you were, pants down, peeing in the backyard!  Your other favorite thing about summer…eating straight from the garden.  You will eat anything straight out of the garden…carrots, beans, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries…you love them all!

You are going through some sort of separation anxiety right now.  I’m not sure what started it, but it’s happening.  Usually you are OK like 2 minutes after I leave, but it’s still heartbreaking.  It’s making your upcoming start of preschool a little stressful for me!  I’m sure you’ll love school though, so that helps.  What also helps is that your Papa is going to drop you off.  I think that will make it easier…plus, you get to ride to school in the bike trailer…how cool is that!

You are very interested in your baby sister. You kiss and rub my belly and ask me when she’s coming out all the time. You named her Apple Dumpling a while ago, so that’s we’ve called her the whole pregnancy.  Your Papa is a little concerned you will be upset when we give her an actual name!  I think you are going to be an amazing big sister!


You are an awesome kid and I love you to pieces!




One thought on “3 1/4 Years Old!

  1. Ruth Shoemaker says:

    Kenley you are growing up so fast ! mommy enjoy every moment and this is a great way to keep every thing down ,I wish I had written it all down. Enjoy her and you are a great mother they grow up way too fast.LOVE YOU ALL

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