3 Years Old!

Dear Kenley,

(Obviously a little late!)

Today, you are 3 years old! 3!!! Really!!! I can’t believe it’s been 3 years already! It’s hard to believe you are going to be a big sister in 6 months! You are going to be an awesome big sister!

You are quite the independent little one these days. This, I am quite thankful for. I had about 7 weeks of pretty awful all day pregnancy sickness. The fact that you can take yourself to the potty and play by yourself was such a blessing. I felt horrible for you, but I am trying to make it up to you now that I am feeling normal again.

You still amaze me with the things that you come up with. Today when you were getting in the car to go to the doctor’s office, you informed us that your cow would be coming with us. The cow sat in the back seat with you and came to the doctor with us.

You love playing with your friends.  You go to babysitting co-op a couple of time a week with the same 4 or 5 kids, and you have so much fun.  You are good at adapting…you do girly things with the girls and wrestle with the boys!   I am so glad you have a group of friends you’re so comfortable with and have so much fun with (which allows me some free time)!

You had your 3 year check up and here are your stats:

Height: 39 inches (85th Percentile)

Weight: 31 pounds (55th Percentile)

You are healthy and tall and skinny!

Time is going by too fast…but I am enjoying every second of you!

Love you tons,



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