2 3/4 Years!

Dear Kenley,

On January 17, you were 2 3/4 years old! I can’t believe you will be 3 the next time I write one of these posts! A part of me wants to stop doing these quarterly posts because it just reminds me of how fast time is going…I don’t like it! But, I hope one day you’ll appreciate being able to know about your former self!

Here is a list of notable things that have happened in the last few months:

  • You are 100% potty trained (I fully expect you to be un-potty trained in the morning just because I wrote this on the internet for all to see!) You have even started going all by yourself with no help!
  • You are a little artist…you can draw and make the drawings look like actual things, like people, the sun, snowmen (you really like drawing snowmen and then telling us which on is Kenley, Papa, and Mommy)
  • You love playing with your friends…you get so excited for babysitting co-op and tell me about all your friends!
  • You still use a binky at night and at nap time…my bad…I am hoping to do away with it soon.
  • You love your grandparents.  Every time you are pretending, you are always talking to Nana on the phone or giving Nana tea.  And you get so excited to see your Grandpa…like more excited than when you see your parents…
  • You love to sing and play on your keyboard.
  • You had an awesome Christmas with your Kentucky family! You call it “Tucky” and you love watching Tucky (and Blazers) basketball with Mommy and Papa!
  • You are such a good little Mommy. You love your dolls and you especially love real babies. You were also a big help when Mommy is sick. You like to take my temperature and ask, “You not feel well, Mommy?” So cute!
  • You are SILLY! see pics below

An outfit of her own choosing

You would have thrown rocks in the creek for hours!

And just for fun, this is you one year ago! You’ve grown sooo much!

Love you bunches silly girl!



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