2 1/2 Years Old!

Dear Kenley,

Today you are 2 ½ years old.  This has been the fastest 2 ½ years I have ever experienced!

Since my last post, you have started to do some “big kid” things.  You now use the potty!  Before we started potty training you, I would ask you if you if you would start using the potty…you always told me “later.”  Now you pee like a champ on the potty but that other thing that happens on the potty…we are having some trouble with that! Luckily you seem to like to wait until we are home to “cause a scene!”

You had a very fun summer. We spent lots of time at the park and in our backyard.  We went camping a couple of times, which you love!  I really think you’d stay outside 24 hours a day if we gave you a choice.

You also spent your first nights away from me this summer.  Your papa and I took a trip to San Francisco and you spent 5 days with Grandpa and Aunt Rachel. I really don’t even think you noticed we were gone.  We tried to Skype with you and you were like, “Hi Mommy, hi papa,” and then you were off doing your fun Grandpa’s house stuff.  I’m sure you spent a lot of time in the garden.  You love to eat stuff out of Grandpa’s garden.  Your favorites are strawberries, raspberries and carrots.

We just spent a week and Atlanta with your Nana.   You had a blast and keep asking me if we are going to Nana’s house when we get in the car.  You also got to hang out with Nanny and Poppy, which you thought was awesome!  You are pretty fond of your silly Uncle Jake too!  You love chasing around Bailey (the dog).

I can’t believe you are 2 ½.  You are awesome and smart and funny and I adore you to pieces!


Mommy (you have officially changed my title from Momma to Mommy, so I guess I just have to go with it!)


One thought on “2 1/2 Years Old!

  1. Karen says:

    She is so cute and her hair is so long!! #1 was much easier than #2 for Gavin as well, lol 🙂 Miss ya!

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