2 1/4 Years Old

Dear Kenley,

A few weeks back, you turned 2 ¼ years old.  I am doing your updates quarterly now.  This one is obviously late…

You continue to be an entertaining child. You make me laugh so much during the day. You will be playing and all of the sudden bust out with a TA DA! You also like to hold your fists out and make me pick one (like you’re hiding something in them). You never have anything in your fists. I will pick one, then the other one, and then you’ll whisper to me that “it’s magic!” It’s really cute!

We went on your second camping trip in July . We went to Beverly Beach and your best friend, Grandpa, came along. I don’t know if there is a child who loves being outside more than you do. You would live outside if we let you. So, camping is your dream come true.  Our campsite had a little stream running behind it.  You would sit forever and throw rocks into that little stream.

On the camping trip, we went to Mo’s.  You got a little plastic shark with your kids meal.  You named the shark Ocean (your idea, all by yourself! And you told us Ocean is a girl).  You became attached to that little shark so quickly.  Ocean came to bed with you, in the car with you, in the bath with you…pretty much everywhere.  One night we put you to bed and a few minutes later you started crying. That’s not like you, so I went to check on you.  When I came into your room, you said, “Ocean took my binky!” Somehow, Ocean had your binky in her mouth…hmmmmm!  As you often say, “Silly Ocean!”

You continue to want to become more independent.  I dare say sometimes you are stubborn.  We don’t have to discipline you too often, but we were giving you timeouts aka making you sit on the bench by yourself.  After a couple of times, it lost all power. You were OK with the bench. Hmmm, we had to think of something else. You now have to sit in the corner, and you are NOT fond of this!

You’re still the most awesome kid!

Love you,

Mommy (by the way, you’ve officially changed my name from Momma to Mommy, so I’ll go with it, I guess!)


One thought on “2 1/4 Years Old

  1. Ruth Shoemaker says:

    Amber, I am so proud of you such a good mommy and writing it all down for her to be able to go back some day and read what she does is great,I wish I had done that years ago.I really enjoy being able to see what she has been doing and seeing the pictures.Thank you for sharing with us .We love you and K Rae and of course Phil!!

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