2 Years Old!

Dear Kenley,

Today you are 2 YEARS OLD! I really can’t believe it. I feel like this last year went by faster than your first year. I really feel like we just had your first birthday party.

Speaking of parties, we celebrated with your Oregon family yesterday with pizza, cake, and ice cream. And a ton of presents, of course. You were really into opening your presents and wanted to immediately play with all of them. You are the best gift receiver…every gift your open gets the full wide eyes and open mouth OOOHHHH! It’s very sweet!

We just this week got back from Atlanta and visiting your other side of the family. You had a blast with Nana, Uncle Jake, Nanny and Poppy, Angie, Micki, Monica,  Waylon, Lucas, Trace, and Will.  You spent hours jumping on the air mattresses in the living room. You adore your Uncle Jake. Every time he would leave the room, even if just for a minute, when he came back, you’d say, “Hi Jake.” You were completely spoiled while we were there. You had someone’s undivided attention for almost 2 weeks. Nana got you addicted to jelly beans, which you call beans, and taught you to be sassy and say “Whatever!”

When we came home, your Papa was so surprised at how well you were talking. It’s like you all of the sudden just say everything. You talk in small sentences and can repeat any word we ask you. I guess you’ve inherited the gift of gab from all the gals in the family!

Lately you love drawing and coloring, playdough, and taking the cushions off the couch and climbing all over them. You eat most anything. You often ask for grapes and fruit. You love cucumbers, though you call them pickles, but you really like pickles as well. You love to “dip” your food. If we have pancakes, we don’t put syrup ON them, we put a little puddle of syrup on your plate so you can “dip, dip” them. This started with ketchup, and that is so totally all my fault!

You give the best hugs and kisses. You sing Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star randomly throughout the day. You love your light up shoes and your painted toenails. You’re the perfect balance of girly and tomboy. I couldn’t love you any more.  You’re the best baby girl!

Love You SOOO much,



2 thoughts on “2 Years Old!

  1. Karen says:

    She is so pretty Amber!!! I can’t believe our girls are 2. It has gone by so fast.

  2. Ruth Shoemaker says:

    Nanny andPoppy are so proud of youKenley and glad you had a good birthday and glad mommy shared with us.You are a very special girl and we love you very much!!!!!!!!!.

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