22 Months

Dear Kenley,

A few days ago, you turned 22 months old. I’m late again. Sorry, I’m a bad Mom.

You are really starting to amaze me with the things you are absorbing these days.  You can repeat almost anything I say.  You NEVER forget anything. If we do something once, we will be doing it a thousand times! All of the picture books we’ve been looking at since your were a tiny infant….you can now name all of the pictures in them, no problem!  I often see you reading these books to your dolls and stuffed animals.  It’s ADORABLE!

You are quite the little crack up these days. You think it’s really funny to “toot.”  You will do it, announces that you did it by saying “toot” and patting your butt, and then you say “scu me” (excuse me)! I guess at least you say excuse me.  Although, I have to admit that I laugh every time you do it. I just can’t help it, I’m immature that way!

Here is a list of things you are doing lately:

–       You love to put on chap stick.  You put on chap stick for about 2 minutes straight today.

–       You like to wear skirts all the time. Like you like to put skirts on over your footed pajamas.

–       You don’t get to watch much TV, but you are always asking to watch a “show.”  And you will repeatedly say, “show, show, show.” I guess that’s the whole not forgetting anything thing.

–       You are very particular about your clothes, meaning if there’s a zipper, it has to be all the way zipped, if there are buttons, they all have to be buttoned. It even goes for me. If I have on a button down shirt, you want it buttoned ALL the way up.

–       You say please and thank you…most of the time.

–       When we walk to the library, you walk on all the raised curbs like a balance beam.

–       You are really loving to draw lately. You have a little Magna Doodle thing and you draw on it and have your Papa and me draw on it all the time.

–       And, as always, you love singing, dancing, and story time.

I love you more and more everyday little one!





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