21 Months Old!

Dear Sweet Kenley,

Last week, you turned 21 months old!  Sorry I’m late.

You are growing up right before my eyes everyday.  This past month you’ve really started to love singing.  You’ve always loved it when we sing to you, and  you like to do motions (like the Wheels on the Bus), but you’ve started to actually sing the songs!  It’s adorable.  You can sing some of the Wheels on the Bus, your Where the Wild Things Are soundtrack, and the Hello song.  I love hearing your sweet little voice sing!

I think you may turn out to be a tomboy like me.  You got Legos for Christmas and you LOVE them.  It’s by far the toy you play with the most.  Your Papa couldn’t be happier.  I am not sure if you or him enjoy them more!  Pretty soon after Christmas, your Papa was really concerned that he you didn’t have a Lego table to build on, so we had to get him you one.  He loves playing Legos with you and you couldn’t be happier!

You are also really into dinosaurs right now.  We went to the beach and the house we rented had a basket full of plastic dinosaurs and you just fell in love!  You walk them around making them roar!

You do love your kitchen though (not that it is a GIRL toy…men should cook too little girl!).  You put your fake veggies and fruit in your pots, stir them up, and them make me taste them!  You also get me water out of your fake faucet and make me tea!

Unfortunately, you had your first real sickness last month.  You caught some sort of stomach bug and spent a day and night throwing up. L  It was so sad.  You just kept looking at me like you needed me to make you better and it broke my heart.  Luckily it was a 24-48 thing, and you were back to normal a few days later.

Poor sick baby :(

You’re my joy little one!

Love you,



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