20 Months Old!

Dear Kenley,

A few days ago, you turned 20 months old! Sorry I’m late.

I can’t believe how fast time is going by. I feel like this second year is going by so much faster than the first year. I didn’t think that was possible, but I guess I was wrong.

You used to be the most outgoing kid. We were sure you would be an extrovert, but recently you’ve become much more shy. You used to love being around tons of people, but now it seems to wear you out! You’re like your Momma and Papa that way.

Although you are shyer now, you sure do enjoy a good play date! You get along with most other kids and love playing with all the new toys. You are good at sharing and never really get upset when another kid takes a toy from you. You usually just go find something else to play with. You are also still loving story time at the library. I think that may be your favorite part of the week. Miss Marjorie always sings all your favorite songs and you always get to play with the parachute. Unlike the other kids though, you prefer to hold onto the outside of the parachute instead of standing under it.

You are improving your vocabulary all the time. You had been calling apples “ap.” Then yesterday you busted out the full “apple” just as clear as could be. A few new words are cereal, banana, tree, star, Zoe, down, and blanket. You will finally call me Momma, instead of saying Papa if anyone asks you to say Momma. Stinker!

You still love playing with your babies. You swaddle them, give them drinks of your water, and take them on walks in their stroller. You’re a total girl in that way. But, you also love your trucks and cars. You make a really adorable car engine sound!

This past month you’ve been going to gymnastics with Grandpa. He says you love doing log rolls and jumping around on the mats. You don’t so much like the balance beam. But, he says you are very good at hanging on the bar and kicking your legs. That’s my girl!

We’ve got an exciting couple of weeks ahead of us. We’ll be celebrating your 2nd Christmas. I think you will have a lot of fun unwrapping all your gifts (since you’ve already tried a few times!) And believe me, between your Nana, Nanny, and all your aunts; you have MORE than plenty to open.

I love you to pieces kid!




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