19 Months Old!

Dear K Rae,

Today you turned 19 months old! You are turning into more of a little girl and less of a baby everyday. It’s sad and exciting at the same time. I love seeing all that you’re learning all the time.

Speaking of learning, you amaze me everyday with the things that you just pick up. You have started to count! I always count with you when we are going up and down stairs, but we never really “work” on it.  You would rather read books than do anything else…well, except for taking walks…










You L-O-V-E taking walks. We go everyday…rain, shine, wind, no matter the weather, we take walks. I feel your love of walks gets stronger all the time. Every Thursday, we walk to the Library for story time. You really like story time! We have learned so many songs from story time, and  you love  to sing them all the time. Your favorite is the umbrella song. When we get to the part about thunder and lightning, you do this little shimmy shake thing…it’s adorable.

We spent some time in Atlanta and Kentucky at the end of October.  You had a lot of fun spending time with you Nana , Uncle Jake, Nanny, Poppy, and all your aunts, uncles and cousins. You were the center of attention, and after you warmed up to everyone, you loved it! We took a walk back on the farm with everyone and we had so much fun! Poppy always tooks us on walks back there, and I am glad he’s continuing that tradition with you, his great granddaughter.

And just a few random things about you this last month:

–       anytime you hear our screen door open, you scream “Papa!”

–       you were totally freaked out by people in masks around Halloween. I have never seen you so scared L

–       you are becoming quite the little helper. You will pick up your toys when asked, and I am doing something, you HAVE to help. It’s really sweet!

Stay silly and sweet little girl!

Love you bunches!



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