17 Months Old

Dear Sweet K,

Yesterday you turned 17 months old! Sorry I am a day late, I thought today was the 17th. Oops!

This month we have continued having a fun summer. You LOVE going to the park (you spent over 2 hours at the park with Grandpa the other day!). You really just love doing anything outside. We spend a lot of time walking up and down our block and swinging on our porch swing. You will go to the door and point and say “swing, swing.” It melts my heart and you totally take advantage of that…like 15 times a day!


You love imitating things other people do. One weekend we went to an apple pressing party and there was also a dance instructor there teaching dances. You watched for a long time. You then went up to a little girl and grabbed her hands and tried to dance with her like the adults were doing. So cute! You also always sweep my hair out of my eyes. I am always doing this to you, as no hair clip can contain your crazy mess of curls, but it is just so sweet when you do it to me.

You love to give hugs and kisses. You give me kisses first thing in the morning when I get you out of your crib. You pucker your lips and say “mmmmm.” I just love it! You also hug, kiss, and rock your dolls. You put them to bed and cover them up with a blanket. You’re a good little mommy.

You’re learning lots of new words lately. You say swing, cracker, peekaboo, shoe, boot, and Grandpa (among the old standbys like dog, cat, etc.) You are also learning to pick up after yourself (sometimes). You will help me put your toys away in your basket or pick up you snack if you spill it and put it back in your bowl.

I love you soooo much,



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