16 Months Old

Dear Baby K,

Today you are 16 months old!  The last month has been very exciting for you. You had your first trip to the beach and your first camping trip!  You loved both, although we are still trying to persuade you to get into water that’s not in a pool!

I feel like you have started to grow up so much this last month. I was looking at pictures of you and all of the sudden you dont’ look like a baby anymore, you look like a little girl.  People always guess that you are at least 2 years old. You are really tall and have lots of hair, so I think that’s why.  It’s just so hard for me to not see you as a little baby anymore.

You are such a funny kid!  You really know how to make your Papa and me laugh.  You are a crazy dancer and you’ve started to sing along to your Where the Wild Things Are CD.  Your new favorite thing to do is throw your toys over the gate to the dog when she’s in the kitchen. Luckily she hasn’t destroyed any of them.  Usually she will throw them up in the air and act crazy and you just sit there and crack up!  The dog’s bad enough without you provoking her! 🙂

You have developed quite a little independent streak.  For a while there, you wouldn’t walk anywhere unless you were holding someone’s hand. Now, most of the time, you won’t let us touch you while you’re walking somewhere.  You are so determined.  You love to walk out on the sidewalks in front of our house, which is fine, except when you demand to go toward the busy street (with no hand holding, of course!).

Although you’ve become more independent, you counter that with being so snuggly when you want to be.  When you were younger, you wouldn’t sit still in anyone’s lap or do anything that required you not to move.  Now, you will sit next to me all the time.  You give all kinds of unsolicited hugs and kisses throughout the day.  They melt my heart.  I can never get enough!  I’m OK with the independence if it means I get all the snuggles, hugs, and kisses!

Do me a favor baby girl…stop growing up so fast!

Love you more than you’ll ever know,



One thought on “16 Months Old

  1. Karen says:

    She seriously is the cutest kid ever, she always looks like she just stepped out of the GAP catalog!!

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