14 Months Old

Dear Kenley,
Today you are 14 months old! 

This month you have continued to amaze me with your ability to pick up on things. You learn so quickly. We really have to watch what we say and do around you đŸ™‚

You still don’t want to walk.  You can walk. You will walk between your Dad and me if you we prompt you, but you still prefer crawling. You learned to climb on to and off of the couch recently. You think this is really cool. We accidentally learned you can also go down stairs now! You are kind of a little climber. We can no longer use strategically place objects to box you into an area. You can pretty much climb your way out of anything. Luckily, you haven’t figured out how to crawl over gates or out of your crib yet!

This past month, your Grandpa Dan moved out of his house in Beaverton in to a house 7 blocks away from you! While we were helping him pack, we found all kinds of cool stuff. Like the dress in the picture above. It was made by your Grandma Signe and used to be Aunt Rachel’s! It’s still a little big on you, but it was still really cute!

Your Nana is coming to visit you this next month, which means you will be very spoiled! We’ll have a good time doing all kinds of stuff when she’s here!

 We’re going to have so much fun this summer kid! You’re the funnest and I love you to pieces!!!!!



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