12 Months Old!

Dear Kenley,

Yesterday, you turned 1 year old! It’s really amazing how fast this year has gone. I have had so much fun being your Mommy. You are such a fun, sweet, and loving baby girl.

The cake….after

Here are a few things that you have started doing lately that are just too sweet!
  • If you hear clapping anywhere, you stop and clap along. You get a huge smile on your face and just clap away!
  • You love animals more than anything. Most every animal is “dog,” which was your first word (other than mama and dada). You point out dogs on walks, in books, anywhere. You’re starting to figure out and say “cat” as well, but mostly everything is still “dog.”
  • You are really into stuffed animals and dolls lately. You pick them up and rock them and pat them on the back. It is too precious! You look like a little Mommy when you do this.
  • You are always the most social child. I can hardly get you to sit in my lap at the library for story time anymore. They only read for about 6 actual minutes (and the rest of the time is playtime), but you can hardly wait to visit with the other kids.

We had your birthday party at Grandpa’s house, and you had a blast. You visited with all your guests, had yummy cake, and opened soooo many gifts! You’d been getting gifts all week from all your family too! So many toys!

Before you were born, I don’t think I could have ever imagined how much that I love you. You make me laugh and smile all day long. I can’t wait to see you grow this next year (but please don’t grow too fast!)



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