8 Months Old!

Dear Sweet Kenley,

Today you are 8 months old! I say it every month, but time has just gone by so fast. I was just looking at pictures of the day you were born. Could that really have been 8 months ago?

You have had an exciting last month. You went to Idaho twice in the last month, which put your plane tally up to 8 planes! We went for you to meet your Great Grandmother, Cynthia, who called you her sweet Signe (who was her daughter and your grandmother who passed away April 10). It was a sweet meeting. We then, unfortunately were back 2 weeks later because your Great Grandmother passed away. Although this was a sad occasion, you were able to meet some Aunts and Uncles you had not seen yet. And, in a couple of days, we go to visit the other side of the family for Christmas in Kentucky!

You are so close to crawling. You can get wherever you want to go, but it’s through rolling and scooting and spinning. I have a feeling you’ll crawl before Christmas though. You love to “talk.” You say babababa. Sometimes you just make the motions with your mouth, but no sound comes out. It’s so cute! But other than that, you are a pretty big chatterbox. It’s so cute.

You went on your first date this week. Grandpa took you to his Holiday party for George Fox University. You got all dressed up and stayed out late! Don’t expect this to become a habit, as your Papa says you’re not dating until you’re 33! I tend to agree.

I think you are finally starting to like food. For the longest time (like since you were 5 ½ months old) you were really not interested in food at all. In the past few weeks, I am pretty sure you’ve come around. We’ve had luck with apples, pears, squash, mangoes, prunes, and sweet potatoes. You’re not sure about peas, but I think another try may convince you!

You are my favorite, kid! I can’t imagine doing anything other than what I’m doing now. Momma loves you Punky!

Love you,



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